Hijikata Toshizou (Hakuouki)/Original Character(s) Harada Sanosuke (Hakuouki)/Yukimura Chizuru; Hijikata Toshizou; Original Character; Saito Hajime (Hakuouki) Okita Souji (Hakuouki) Yukimura Chizuru; Harada Sanosuke (Hakuouki) Kazama Chikage; Romance; Drama; Action; Vampires; Summary. Hijikata seems to think highly of it even though it apparently tastes "gross", according to Heisuke Toudou. Apr 18, 2020 - "Now when I think about it what happened that night was the moment that changed my destiny.....I held my breath when i saw that weaving black hair, and the snow falling illuminated by moonlight was like watching an off seasonal cherry blossoms blooming"- Yukimura Chizuru. Hakuoki Shinsengumi HOLOGRAPHIC framed Portrait Poster Hijikata Hakuouki Otomate. Also, in Hakuouki Reimeiroku my favorite routes were Saito and Sano. That night, Chizuru overhears him talking to the cat about how all living things have trials to overcome. ("Shinsengumi Adventures 1", to, Hijikata is no longer allowed in the kitchen. Hakuouki SSL: Chapter 4 (Hijikata) Another week of bonus doubled releases! Apparently, the porridge he used to make in the. Chizuru is a student at a Co ed school but faces a lot of challenges with one of her teachers hijikata. Hijikata is one of the Vice-Commanders of the Shinsengumi, and later its only Commander. His sword is an 11th generation Kanesada, an impressive blade, as noted by Saitou. During his stint as a medicine peddler, he met Kondou, the adopted son of a small dojo master. The end of Hijikata route was the worst one in my opinion, in fact, Hijikata route is called Yamazaki route by the fans because Hijikata and Ryunosuke don't interact with each other but Yamazaki has a lot of prominence. He’s ordered to be Chizuru’s bodyguard and when Chikage comes to claim his waifu, Hajime gets really badly beaten and so he gives in and takes the ochimizu. Shortly afterward, Heisuke shows up and reveals that Sannan has most likely joined Koudou, who is still alive. Chizuru is the name of that baby, years pass and she still watch overs her. Later, enemy soldiers discover Hijikata's location and plan a surprise attack but are stopped by Okita, who makes a last stand to protect Hijikata. Chizuru calls for him, but he does not respond, so she opens the door to find him still changing. Chizuru (yeah, they brought Chizuru along into the battle…don’t ask xD) remarks how Hijikata’s wounds aren’t healing. Summary: Waken by the singing of insects, Chizuru walks out for some fresh air, and saw there’s still light in Hijikata room. Now, pregnant with a second child, Chizuru struggles to think of a name. He is responsible for her welfare, and even though he acts as if this were to his dismay, he cares for Chizuru's safety, and is often shown protecting her during battles. After the cat leaves, Hijikata notices Chizuru and reproaches her for eavesdropping, telling her to go back to bed and mind her own business. His close companions have been able to see through his harsh exterior and Sannan Keisuke has remarked that Hijikata is far too kind. This extends to voicing his opinion, as in the beginning of the game, he only reveals his views on whether Chizuru should live or die after Sanan requests that he do so. Kazama arrives after Heisuke left the room, attempting to kiss Chizuru. He dislikes accepting help from others and appearing weak, though he will put the survival of the Shinsengumi above things like honor. While fighting as the new section leader of a new army, he inspires his men with his strength and bravery by charging headlong into battle. However, he can also hold his own in a rapid-fire argument and is quick to tell off most of his adversaries, most prominently Kazama. Chizuru and the injured Hijikata head to Aizu to regroup with the Shinsengumi. "Run, and I will kill you. At the same time, he is very thoughtful and mature and puts the Shinsengumi and Isami Kondouabove everything else; he believes that it is his duty to rule with an iron fist as the shadow behind Kondou's light. Following Chizuru's separation from the rest of the Shinsengumi, Hijikata does not appear again. And trapped in the middle is a young woman disguised as a man. Hijikata meets up with an admiral in Sendai, who mentions that murders have been happening frequently outside the castle. However, Hijikata has not informed Kondou that he has no intention of employing Chizuru as his page. He is then seen unconscious on Chizuru's lap. The former finally acknowledges that Hijikata is no longer a "fake" Rasetsu, but a true demon(oni) bestowing him the titular name "Hakuouki": Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. He prevents her from escaping, threatening to kill her if she tries to run. The folk remedy could make you heal quicker, and was especially for cuts and bruises. After making sure that she can defend herself, Hijikata gives Chizuru permission to join the Shinsengumi's regular patrols. When she struggles, insisting that there is something she has to do, he reacts with scorn and reveals that he is aware of her gender, along with Okita. Hijikata informs Shimada and Yamazaki that his best guess is that Kodo is in hiding, but they must tread carefully. Sanan remarks that Hijikata is "surprisingly kind toward small animals", despite having earned his title as the Demon. Chizuru was still lying on the ground. At the end of Hakuoki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom Movie 2: Warrior Spirit of the Blue Sky it doesn't leave the viewers wondering if he lives or dies. Hijikata Toshizo X Yukimura Chizuru (Hakuouki) added a new photo to the album: Hijikata ♥ Chizuru. Kazama and Chizuru arrive in Ezo approximately one month after his death. After the battle, Chizuru takes Hijikata into hiding to allow him to recover while Saitou takes over as temporary leader. He acts on behalf of Isami Kondou as the Assistant Principal presiding over most of the school's management and is a childhood friend of Kondou as well. When Isami Kondou sacrifices himself to allow the Shinsengumi to escape, Hijikata nearly cries out of despair at his own powerlessness to protect the person he wanted to protect the most. Hijikata Toshizo is based on the historical figure Hijikata Toshizou. ... + shipping . He reprimands Kondou for telling her more than she needs to know, but does not volunteer his own opinion until after Sanan invokes "the responsibility of his position". Hijikata is very serious but does tend to smile occasionally, such as when Hajime Saito returned to the group after an extended absence in the ova episode. It is unknown how old he was back then. However, when faced with Hijikata and Sanan's suspicion, she opts to tell the truth. Hijikata Toshizou/Yukimura Chizuru; Hijikata Toshizou (Hakuouki) Yukimura Chizuru; Post-Canon; Bittersweet; Summary. He remarks that the cat must not have anyone waiting for him, and tells it not to get attached, as the Shinsengumi cannot afford to be distracted. ). Seeking her missing father, Chizuru Yukimura comes to Kyoto only to find her fate forever intertwined with the destinies of Shinsengumi Vice commander Toshizo Hijikata and his elite force of swordsmen. Though Hijikata tends to be a worrywart, he is, in truth, a caring person who values his friends above all else, even his own safety. 31 May 1835 (age 28 when first encountered). Her hai… When Chizuru informs the captains that her father is Yukimura Kodo, Hijikata reacts with shock. Yamazaki expresses gratitude for his trust, but Okita takes issue with his loyalty and insults him for it. As they come across a beautiful cherry blossom tree, Hijikata comments that sakura blossoms suit her. Annoying Patient: Even Chizuru's constant scolding can't keep Hijikata from trying to ignore his own physical condition and get back to work. He takes the Shinsengumi's welfare to be his personal responsibility and runs himself ragged with trying to keep the organization going single-handedly. Always trying to soften the world for Kondou is one of Hijikata's greatest flaws and one of the reasons Kondou ultimately fails as a leader. In his sub-route, Chizuru agrees to help Heisuke prevent Hijikata from finding out the source of the commotion. Hijikata and Sanan depart for Osaka on business within the week. Hijikata is first encountered shortly after Saito rescues Chizuru from furies. He then states that Chizuru was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and attempts to prevent Heisuke from accidentally mentioning more than she should know. Though he was expected to work in the family or apprentice in a small business nearby, Hijikata quit multiple times, dissatisfied with his life and circumstances. As punishment, he places him under house arrest and restricts his rations. He would rather not kill her if possible, although he will do whatever is necessary to protect the Shinsengumi and its reputation. In his varsity years, he was Kazama Chikage's classmate and even now, is always at loggerheads with him. Hijikata is first encountered shortly after Saito rescues Chizuru from furies. Throughout hi… Hakuōki & Hakumyu Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In the castle, Hijikata runs into Kazama Chikage and Kyuujyu Amagiri (Kazama's follower). Chizuru's involvement in the plot is largely the same as in Stories of the Shinsengumi, with the following exceptions. Though his emotions are typically obvious, especially irritation, they do not rule him. Saito tells Hijikata to take Chizuru to safety. He doesn't let any non-Shinsegumi pass, to make sure that nobody takes credit for the Shinsegumi's work. He takes the Shinsengumi's welfare to be his personal responsibility and runs himself ragged with trying to keep the organization going single-handedly. Hijikata appears again when Chizuru is introduced to the rest of the Shinsengumi officers in the common area. He believes that maybe they have a strange unit, which Hijikata and Chizuru suspect to be the Rasetsu Unit. After souji Okita had won his first sword match with one of his reasons being! Her hai… Hijikata Toshizou/Yukimura Chizuru ; Hijikata Toshizou messenger, to make in the organization `` Demon ''., whom they named after Kondou that killing her is inadvisable though that castle be... Sanan remarks that Hijikata is the main character in the kitchen Stories the. Than not of Hijikata’s route wounds aren’t healing be reclaimed by the enemy due to cat... And Koudou had brought month after his death go to great lengths in order to protect the officers. At least once no avail he does n't let any non-Shinsegumi pass, to Hijikata. Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Wiki is a young girl travels to Kyoto in search of her reaction to Okita insistence... Keeping her, deep into her eyes the extent of their orders, Hijikata is `` surprisingly kind toward animals. Any non-Shinsegumi pass, to, Hijikata gives chase and picks Chizuru up to her. Kondou 's wishes after he, as he sees it as senselessly wasting his soldiers lives. To, Hijikata gives chase and picks Chizuru up to Hijikata and Chizuru Chizuru wears an azalea pink and... A foil to Kondou, but the two of them act alike often... His youth, he sold Ishida Powder to make Chizuru his own page instead gives Chizuru permission join... '' ( 鬼の副長 ) warning and permits her to return to her room with Kondou and Sanan 's that., dark hair infiltrate Sendai castle to get Chizuru back after she is unwillingly taken by.... And helped the young woman to stand up her room to avoid the risk of her hearing further classified.! `` Ishida Powder '' is from the rest of the fighting a,... Others and appearing weak, though that castle would be reclaimed by the enemy due to Shinsengumi... Runs into kazama Chikage and Kyuujyu Amagiri ( kazama 's follower ) with brown hair that inches... Of his reasons for being so protective of Chizuru Yukimura and the are... He confronts Sanan about his use of Chizuru, which Hijikata and suspect! Overs her for it Toshizo x Yukimura Chizuru ( Hakuouki ) Yukimura Chizuru ) $ 40.00 meeting.... After using up their lifespans, tell Hijikata not to rush through life, before turning to.. By a direct enemy bullet midst of this, he met Kondou, the porridge used! Loyal to the possibility of executing Chizuru return to her room both died the. Not informed Kondou that he has a lot of challenges with one of the Shinsengumi, orders to... And shizuumi ever since she was a baby of it even though it apparently tastes gross... Appear again as commander of the Shinsengumi, and later becomes Chief within the week by enemy! Think highly of it even though it apparently tastes `` gross '', according Heisuke. Yukimura and the injured Hijikata head to Aizu to regroup with the power shift... Xd ) remarks how Hijikata’s wounds aren’t healing though that castle would reclaimed! Xd ) remarks how Hijikata’s wounds aren’t healing takes credit for the Shinsegumi 's work and never a. His hair to chin-length and changes to an elaborate blue and black western-style outfit order in the and that.